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Show/Breeding Quality Puppy Information
Only puppies that are of show/breeding quality will be sold with breeding rights. Top Show quality puppies will not be sold to someone that just wants to breed. They are only for sale to people that are serious about showing and breeding shelties and will show them and finish their Championship. In some cases a puppy might not be top show quality but is noticeably better than a pet and is nice enough to be bred and improve the breed by doing so; these puppies will be sold with breeding rights.  All will be sold to approved serious show/breeding homes only that want to breed with the intention to better the breed.
 My breeding/possible show quality puppies usually start at $2,500 each and are usually sold with additional terms, if offered for outright purchase I usually ask somewhere around $3,000-$3,500 just depending on the dog and if I had future plans for him/her. Prices and terms may vary on the age of the dog and if he/she is proven, testing has been done or is a Champion or pointed. This price is just a general basis and is my starting point.
 On Show & Breeding Quality studs I retain two breeding rights on them to bitches owned, co-owned or leased by me.

 On Show & Breeding Quality bitches I require two puppies back (bred to a mutually agreed upon stud, out of her first litter and she is not to be bred until her genetic testing has been completed).

 Furthermore ALL Top Show Quality Puppies are sold on a show contract so they do have to be shown in conformation and finish AKC Championship.

 Furthermore ALL Show & Breeding Puppies with terms included are sold on a CO-ownership until the above terms are fulfilled and if show quality the puppy has been finished to his/her AKC (American Championship).

 All of the pricing, terms and requirements on this page are usually what I ask and require of a show or breeding quality puppy buyer. In some cases they may vary from what I have stated on this page, it just depends on the individual puppy and so on. In some cases I may even offer a puppy to be purchased outright but it will be at a higher price then what is listed on this page and this option will not necessary be offered on every show puppy.

 Other requirements of the buyer of a show/breeding quality puppy are as follows: All testing (hips, eyes, VWD and thyroid) must all be done when the puppy is old enough and before he/she is bred. He/she is also only to be bred to quality dogs of the same breed with the intention of bettering the breed. No puppies from any of his/her litters are to ever be sold to pet shops, brokers or puppy mills.

 All of my pricing, terms and requirements for show quality puppies are firm.

 The earliest that I let show quality puppies go to their new homes is when they are 9-12 wks old.



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