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Companion/Performance Quality Puppy Informantion

1)   I ask $1,650 each for my young Companion/Performance quality puppies and they do have to be spayed/neutered. This price does include sales tax as well as the microchip, at least two puppy booster shots and at least 4 general wormings. Of course all come with my guarantees (detailed below), a puppy packet, pedigree, AKC Registeration and lifetime breeder support. Even my pet/performance quality puppies are of outstanding quality and temperament with excellent lines and keep in mind that I do more genetic testing on my breeding stock then the majority as I feel that it is too important not to do.

2)     All puppies/adults will be micro chipped before they leave and I do not charge extra for this as many breeders do. You are however responsible for filling out the microchip packet and sending it in to register the number in the event he gets lost/or stolen so it can be tracked.This costs $19.95 for lifetime enrollment of the pet and needs sent directly to the company. I use Avid microchips. I also recommend and personally use AKC's reunite service to register my microchips, this can be added when your puppy/dog is registered with AKC and is only an extra $15 and is also a one time fee. They offer a 24/7 lost and found service and have a website dedicated to this. You can actually post vet information, your information and photos of the dog on the website which serves as an excellent aid.

3)    My prices are firm and size, color and sex are not factors in pricing of pet/performance quality puppies.

4)    I breed all colors of shelties.
5)    All of my puppies are AKC registered.

6)     All companion and performance quality puppies are sold on limited registrations and On Strict spay/neuter contracts. I will not give breeding rights on non show/breeding quality puppies and they must be spayed/ neutered before they are a year old- NO EXCEPTIONS. I also require proof that the puppy was fixed as was agreed( just need a copy of the bill from the vet for my records).

7)     All puppies have Champion lines and most are Championed sired as well. Some are even from Champion to Champion breedings.  

8)                       All puppies will be up to date on shots and wormings 

9)                       I give a 1 year major organ guarantee, a 3 year hereditary defect guarantee and a 72 hour health guarantee on all of my puppies.  

10)                       All puppies are born and raised in my living room and are extremely well socialized they will be used to other dogs, cats and people by the time that they leave. Also keep in mind that I handle every puppy daily since the day that they are born.  
11)  Every puppy I sell comes with a puppy packet which includes: their registeration papers, a copy of the contract, their microchip registeration packet, a copy of the pedigree, their detailed health records (shots & worming given and so on), and a ton of information on the breed and dogs in general (a majority of which I wrote).
12) In addition I am there for the new owners for the lifetime of the puppy I sell. If you ever have any questions feel free to contact me.
13) I let my pet quality puppies go to their new homes when they are 8-9 weeks old, I will not let them leave before 8 weeks old.


 Please keep in mind that I breed for show and performance quality  puppies for myself (yes the dog needs to be both!) and that It may take awhile for me to separate the show puppies from the companion and just performance quality puppies, please be patient I know how exciting it is to be getting a new baby and how hard it is to wait. But please realize that I carefully plan each litter and breeding to quality dogs like champions and getting genetic testing done on my girls does take a lot of money, so I already have a good bit invested when the puppies are born and I want to be certain when I sell a puppy as not show quality that I'm not sorry when the dog becomes an adult.


 I carefully screen every potential puppy buyer, so you will have to answer a good bit of questions. I do this to make sure that my puppies get good caring homes, that shelties are the right breed for the interested party and to better match up the buyer with the puppy. If you are interested in getting a puppy from me please fill out the puppy questionnaire that is on this website and e-mail the answers back to me, this will save some time.


Also please understand that I may not have a puppy available immediately, as I am not a puppy mill or a for profit breeder. I am a show and performance breeder and everything I make from selling puppies literally goes right back into my dogs (sometimes my personal paycheck to).  I average 2-3 well planned litters a year, but I do take a waiting list for my upcoming litters if you are serious and will wait.


The more specific you are about wanting a particular color, sex, markings or size the longer it will probably take to get exactly what you are looking for. I have no problem with people letting me know exactly what they are looking for and will do my best to match them up with the perfect puppy. But Keep in mind that I can't "cook" the puppies to order so the more requirements that are given the longer you are probably going to have to wait for a puppy.


All puppies are for sale to approved homes only. Lifetime loving, caring homes are required.



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